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Great Grains

A surprising source for gluten-free cooking

Sorghum Blueberry-Lemon Muffins
Sorghum Pizza Crust
Sorghum Tabbouleh with Shrimp and Sherry Vinaigrette on Mixed Greens

(Family Features) Anyone looking for delicious new ways to enjoy whole grains or bring gluten-free recipes to the table can do both at the same time, thanks to something called sorghum.

Sorghum has been around for a very long time, but is just now coming back into popularity in the U.S. It has a hearty, chewy texture and is a great gluten-free substitute for couscous, bulgur and pearled barley. Sorghum flour has a light color and mild flavor that is perfect for ...


Healthy Summer Eating Made Easy

Don't take a vacation from eating right

Strawberry Banana Parfait
Black Bean Nachos
Strawberry, Spinach and Cottage Cheese Salad

(Family Features) Warm weather is synonymous with trips to the beach, baseball games and summer vacations. While enjoying these outings, you may find yourself tempted by hot dogs, ice cream and other summer indulgences. A busy schedule, combined with tempting summer treats, could throw off your healthy eating routine. Registered Dietitian Robin Kline, MS, RD, CCP, offers three simple tips for how to stay healthy throughout the season.

"Planning ahead is your best strategy to stay on track for great summertime eating," said Kline. "Whether it's visiting the farmers market for fresh, seasonal produce or packing healthy snacks for on-the-go, being ....


Flavor Fushion

New twists on fresh summer favorites

Godiva Chocolate Pomegranate Twist
Godiva Chocolate à l'Orange
Godiva Coco Razzle Tea
Godiva Midnight Martini
Piquant Peach Melba
Honeydew Granita
Spicy Island Grilled Pineapple

(Family Features) Freshen up summer entertaining with some new flavor combinations that put a twist on traditional favorites and add the perfect touch when hosting an evening of dessert and drinks with friends.

In these dessert recipes, familiar peaches, berries, honeydew and pineapple get an unexpected little kick with a dash of hot sauce for a delightfully sweet and spicy flavor fusion.

If you're looking for the ideal drink pairing for ...


Time Savers for Preparing Healthy Family Meals

Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry

(Family Features) The simple ritual of sitting down for nightly dinners with the family is no longer a thing of the past. More and more families are reaping the multiple benefits it offers, including the enjoyment of a home-cooked meal and meaningful discussions about the day.While family dinners encourage us to stay connected to loved ones, keeping up with busy schedules and making nutrition a priority is a challenge that many families face year after year. According to the Rice-a-licious Global Omnibus Survey 2010, 53 percent of consumers "would make a healthier meal" if they had time.

Experts say that simple changes and the right items in your grocery cart can lead to ...


Cook. Share. Give.

Host a Party With a Purpose 1,000 Cooks for the Cure

Sea Bass in Shredded Potato Skin
Coconut-Lemon Layer Bars

(Family Features) If you love to entertain and want to support a good cause, now you can do both at the same time.

Invite family, friends or colleagues for a dinner party, barbecue, office party, dessert sampling or any kind of get-together from July 15 to 24, 2011 to participate in 1,000 Cooks for the Cure. Instead of wine, flowers or some other token of appreciation, ask guests to bring a donation in any amount to Komen for the Cure. The funds can be designated for either the organization's national efforts or local breast cancer initiatives. The goal is to enlist 1,000 cooks to host gatherings all over the country.


Grilling up a festive Summer Feast

Simple cooking tips to create a delicious barbecue

Greek Burger Sliders with Avocado Tzatziki
Avocado Tzatziki
Grilled Vegetables and Ginger Citrus Mayonnaise

(Family Features) Summer is filled with family picnics and barbecues, but you need to make sure that those burgers and pasta salads aren't served with a side of bacteria.

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora is an expert at overcoming the complexities of cooking with exotic ingredients, including ostrich, oysters and venison; but even working with everyday staples, like chicken, beef, eggs and fresh vegetables, can present cooking challenges. These foods can carry ....


A Toast to Warm-Weather Food and wine Pairings

(Family Features) From barbecues to picnics, warm weather means longer days and al fresco gatherings with friends and family. To help make these months even more delicious, WineAnswers.com and Jill Silverman Hough, author of the new cookbook "100 Perfect Pairings: Main Dishes to Enjoy with Wines You Love," have teamed up to bring you some great ideas for wine and food pairings for this time of year.

"As we say good-bye to colder weather, we say hello to lighter, brighter wines to complement the new seasonal foods on the table," said Hough. "A great pairing is purely subjective, though, so have fun experimenting."

Hough offers a few simple tips for dynamic duos:

  • Pair like with like-You'll almost never go wrong pairing foods and wines with similar characteristics - for example, bright foods with bright wines (vinaigrette-dressed salad with Sauvignon Blanc), heavy foods with heavy wines (steak and Cabernet Sauvignon), and slightly sweet foods with slightly sweet, or off-dry wines (onion and apple tart with off-dry Gewürztraminer).

  • Lighten up-As heavier foods give way to lighter fare, so do the wines that go with them. Whites, in general, will go with dishes like vegetable risotto, but crisper and lighter-bodied wines like Pinot Grigio and Riesling are especially good right now. If you prefer reds, try lighter, brighter varieties, like Pinot Noir and one of my personal favorites for warm weather, rosé.

  • Complementary Flavors-Once a pairing works based on general characteristics, add nuances. That could mean adding grassy tarragon to pan-sautéed tilapia to pick up on the sometimes-grassy nuances of Sauvignon Blanc. Or adding orange zest to crab salad to complement the citrusy notes of Viognier.


Meals that Make the Grade

(Family Features) - With after school activities, late workdays and long commutes or carpools, many families struggle to find time to sit down together to eat dinner. When they do, the meal may consist of prepackaged or fast food options, which can increase food costs and skimp on good nutrition.

What's a busy parent to do? While a home cooked weeknight meal may sound labor-intensive, it can really payoff economically, nutritionally and environmentally - all in the form of leftovers.

Child nutrition expert and mother Jodie Shield, RD, understands the challenges families face in trying to balance full calendars and tight checkbooks while serving nutritious and delicious meals. "Busy moms don't always have time to plan ahead and make two meals each day," said Shield. "Transforming last night's dinner into tomorrow's brown bag lunch, for my kids or myself, can save time and maximize budgets without cutting corners on nutrition."

Shield's tips - which incorporate plenty of nutritious vegetables - will help parents prepare family meals that stretch from dinner to lunch:

Presto, chango! Transform last night's meatloaf into ...


Ready, Set, Cook!

(Family Features) - Cooking opens up a whole world of learning for children.

They learn about good nutrition, following directions, simple math and science, and a whole lot more. A new, kid-friendly cookbook makes

cooking a fun adventure for the pre-school set and their parents.

"Dora and Diego: Let's Cook," (Wiley Publishing, 2010), is geared toward introducing wholesome foods that the whole family can make together. Dora, Diego and their friends help young children explore ...


Cooking With Heart for the Heart

Being heart-smart in the kitchen is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death around the world and people with diabetes are especially at risk — more than 65 percent (2 out of 3) die from heart disease and stroke.
One simple way to help reduce risk of these conditions is...